What's the "Base asking price"?

Faira was designed so you can easily compare offers, regardless of whether a buyer has an agent or not. When setting the price on your Dashboard, you will see two different prices for your home—the MLS listing price and the price for buyers without agents.

A third, and useful amount is the Base asking price. It gives you an easy way to compare offers from multiple parties—buyers with and without agents—to your asking price. The Base amount is the asking price with buyer-specific costs and the buyer’s commission removed. Check out this example:


In this example, a seller has set their MLS listing price at $100,000. All buyers who have hired agents will see this price on the MLS. If a buyer doesn’t have an agent they would see the “Buyer without agent price” of $97,000 which is the MLS listing price minus the 3% buyer’s agent commission.

Finally, the “Base asking price” is the amount you’ll use to compare offers of various buyers to each other or to your asking price. Regardless of whether or not a buyer has an agent the Base price stays the same if the offer is of equal value to you!

When offers arrive for your property, you’ll be able to see both the total amount of the offer as well as your Base offer amount, allowing you to easily & fairly compare offers from all kinds of buyers.

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