How does the Faira offer system work?

Making offers on Faira is easy and takes just a couple of minutes. Simply navigate to the listing you want to make an offer on and click the green “Make an offer” button in the middle of the page. On offer submission screen, input your information and details about your offer and follow the steps through until your offer is confirmed—it’s that simple.

The Faira offer system is entirely online and offers are visible to anyone who visits the public listing page, driving up competition on your listing by showing buyers exactly what they need to offer to get your home.

No earnest money needed

When a buyer submits an offer, Faira puts a $500 hold on their credit card to ensure the offer is genuine. Don't worry--your card isn't charged unless the seller approves your offer, and the $500 is paid towards the remainder of the Platform Fee if so.

Click here for more information about the Platform Fee

Want to see our offer system in action? Check out our step-by-step video which walks you through the offer-making process on Faira:





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