How does Faira improve buyer confidence?

Faira increases the chances that the home transaction will close.

  • We provide Transparency Reports upfront directly on the Faira listing. Transparency Reports can include: an independent inspection report, title report and Seller's disclosure.
  • Free unlimited Appraisal Guarantee to Buyers: In case the Buyer can't purchase the home due to the lender ordered appraisal coming in below the purchase price, we will refund the entire Faira Platform fee.
  • Faira's Offer Platform allows the buyer and/or their agent to make an offer online. With our technology, buyers can see competing offers and outbid another buyer in seconds.
  • We prevent homes from going "pending" pre-maturely. The home does not become a pending sale until the Buyer has made a commitment to the home by paying the 0.5% Faira Platform Fee.
  • We prevent home buyers from renegotiating the price down after the Purchase and Sale Agreement has been signed.
  • We offer Transaction Failure Protection on a home. This means that if a transaction does not close, Faira will compensate the Seller for their time and missed opportunity.

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