What are the main differences between selling a home with Faira instead of using an agent?

Faira provides you the tools for you to sell your home, which allows for great savings in commissions (sellers usually spend 6% in commissions while Faira charges a 0.5% Platform Fee to the buyer).

For buyers with agents, Faira adds a commission to be paid by the buyer to cover the buyer's agent fees. This amount is added to the asking price of the home on the MLS and subtracted automatically if the buyer does not have an agent.

Faira provides to buyers Transparency Reports which includes an independent inspection report of your home so that they can make the best offer on your home upfront. It can save them money if they choose to not conduct a separate inspection themselves, and the Appraisal Guarantee protects them in case the lender's appraisal of the home is low. This gives buyers confidence to make better offers.

In a Faira purchase there is no earnest money. The role of the earnest money in a sale is to ensure that the buyer is serious, but since Faira already charges the buyer a non-refundable fee, then the earnest money becomes unnecessary and this change makes for a much simpler purchase contract.

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