How do I view homes?

Visit the open house
An open house is the best way to see a home you're interested in. Learn more

Purchase refundable showings
If you can't make an open house, you can purchase six private showings with a Faira agent for $500. If you end up buying a house with Faira the entire cost of the showings will be refunded to you, thereby making your showings free. Six showings, when used in conjunction with open-houses, is sufficient to purchase a home in 95% of the cases. If more showings are needed for your purchase, please let us know at

Purchase 6 showings

A single, private showing can be purchased for $75 and is non-refundable.

Purchase a single showing

No obligation showings

Redfin offers free, no obligation showings. If Redfin cannot match our money back program, we will be glad to write an offer for you. Faira and Redfin have no business association.

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